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Gathering Stars for Your Business

Before You Start

A few ground rules...

You want MORE leads, MORE customers, and MORE sales!

Don’t think reviews have an impact? Look at the statistics below!

Your business’ review site accounts should be created and set up before starting with ReviewGnome.

Need help creating and setting up your accounts? We can help!

of consumers read online reviews
Star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business
of consumers are deterred by one to three bad reviews
is the average uplift in sales due to positive reviews

How Does it Work?

This is how the magic happens...

1. Choose Your Options

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Choose your review platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.) and how you want ReviewGnome to filter the results. If you only want 5-star reviews published, we’ll make it happen!

2. Share Your Link

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You will receive a custom link to your site page on ReviewGnome that can be shared with your clients in any number of ways.

3. Magic

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The ReviewGnome will magically filter the results of your reviews as specified in step 1. That’s it! You can sit back and watch the positive reviews roll in.

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